Welcome to NAND Circuit by me, Gowtham Venkatesan. I write about tech from a dystopian and or a utopian point of view.

 NAND Circuit briefs you about the latest news and happenings in the tech world, emerging technologies, and the companies that run it. For now, Iā€™m keeping this a weekly newsletter (possibly 2 times a week). Giving me enough time to find my niche and momentum. This newsletter is fueled by my hatred towards social media and news corporations that have ruined how we read content on the web. With annoying cookie-setting pop-ups, targeted ads, biases, clickbait titles, and bizarre layouts with interrupting recommender feeds, the news is no longer just about reading the news. On the contrary NAND circuit aims to be clutter-free, clean, and just about the news with a mild forecast of cringe puns šŸ™ƒ.

Anyway, proceed indulging šŸ„‚ !